Tuesday, September 26, 2006

random stuff

* the weather was so nice here this weekend. the kids jumped into the pool for just a minute. was a chilly 70 degrees. a little too cold for them. :) but it was the perfect temp for a little street hockey with dad.

*mom brought over some old pictures she found. really great photos. she had a picture of great-great grandma. i need to start working on my geneology stuff again.

*getting back into the school routine has been tough. lots of resistance, but we are finally coming around.

*big changes around our house lately. needed to do something different regarding reward/disciple system. what we were doing was not working. actually wrote down our family rules and went over them with the kids. the rules are now hanging in the kitchen so they can see them. i think that is the key. yesterday was the first day and we saw huge improvements. we'll see what today brings. :)

* been reading about all the benefits of fish oil and omega 3's again, but this time in relation to ADHD. been wanting to give it to the kids for a while, but they won't take pills. so i have been on the search for something to give the kids that they will ACTUALLY eat. finally found Coromega, and they love it.

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