Thursday, September 14, 2006

how come nobody told me...

you can't throw toilet paper in a urinal.

this was the conversation with my two boys
yesterday while in the bathroom at school.
drew had to go potty yesterday while we
were picking shannon up. i would
usually just take him into the womens with me.
but since everything is kid height and made
for them...i figure...why not??
so ryne and i go in there with drew, and he shimmies
on up to the urinal, i'm just looking around...
since i've never been in a little boys room, and then
i here..."ohhh, i dripped on my leg...i need toilet paper."
i say..."no problem's some."
so hand him the paper and he throws it in the urinal.
and then he flushes.
it's not going down.
try to flush again.
ask ryne....can u put paper in a urinal?
NO... don't you know that mom!
well...matter of fact i don't.
i've never been in a mens room :)

so there i am fishing toilet paper
outof the urinal with paper towels.
can u say EWWWWWWW!!!

that was my afternoon yesterday!
thanks for stopping by :)

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Rett said...

lol... I wouldn't have known either!