Monday, September 11, 2006

pizza making 101

yesterday was full of fun.
we made homemade pizza
for dinner. well...i made
the dough in the bread-
maker. (yeah i cheated! LOL)
but the kids loved it anyway!
gave everyone their piece
of dough and they got to toss
it around. too funny seeing ryne's
piece go flying through the air.
shannon just kept flattening
out her dough and then rolling
it back in a ball, because it kept
getting holes in it :) she was
loving every minute of it.
she is going to be the next
food network star i tell ya!
drews favorite part was
putting on all the cheese.
i think i need to enlist their
help in the kitchen more
tried to get pictures of the
kids with their pizzas
when they were finished
cooking. i kept saying,
drew look at mommy, every-
time...looked in a different
direction... and ended up dropping
the pizza on the floor a
total of three times.
"still tastes good mommy!"
"you bet it does, monkey!"


Katrina said...

LOL - "still tastes good!"

Looks like fun!

erika said...

awww...this is adorable!
why can't i make pizza i ask...
the dough is soooo frustrating for me....xxxxxxxxxe