Sunday, March 13, 2011

time is flying by.
7 days and counting.

thursday i ran.
10 miles at 9:00 pace.
marathon pace run.
it felt good.
the pace didn't feel hard.
the whole time i was thinking...
is this pace do-able for 26.2?
i've run 18 at that pace.
i think it is do-able.

after the run...
my hip was really sore.
i'm really beginning to think that
my injury isn't my QL.

the pt said i could run...
but running seems to make my hip pain worse.
after much research...
and staring at GoogleBody...
i'm thinking its my gluteus medius muscle.

i've continued with the rest/heat/stretch/ice/aleve cycle
and haven't run since thursday.
my hip is considerably better.
hardly any pain at all.
i found a really great stretch and that,
coupled with massaging with a tennis ball against the wall...
 i feel like its on the mend.
i'm taking today and monday off as well.
tuesday, i plan to run 3 easy to test the hip out.

i've been thinking about how i feel in comparison
to my first marathon.
i am much more relaxed...
eventhough i'm dealing with this injury.
last time i couldn't wait to get to taper...
and by the time the marathon came
i was physically and mentally spent.
(over-trained, i think)
this time...mentally...i'm excited and ready to go...
physically, i feel rested...
if my hip would just cooperate during the race.

i'm getting excited for the trip.
just rich and i are going.
the kids are staying with grandma.
this will be a fun little weekend getaway...
we plan to head out on sat afternoon with our friends
and head up to modesto...
hit the expo and have a yummy dinner.
hang out for a while and then hit the hay early...
cuz race time is 7 a.m. sunday morning :)

positive thinking.

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