Wednesday, March 16, 2011


that's right...
the forecast for the weekend is...
rain. says 70% chance
on sunday.

maybe it will rain overnight,
and we'll catch a break.

one can hope...and pray.

things are starting to come together
for the weekend festivities.

ran 3 miles on tuesday...felt good.
today ran another 3 miles, nice and easy.  4-5 miles tmr...
not sure if i'll run anymore before the marathon...if i will be just a couple on sat.
in the process of making as not to forget anything...
i think i'm going to have a separate bag for all my race stuff.
including my breakfast...bagel with pb2, banana, and possibly a yogurt.
found a little tube to keep my salt tabs in...
gonna pin my GU's in my shorts,
and a bag of skittles for a late race pick-me up :)

also praying for no wind...

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