Thursday, March 03, 2011

its my what...

quadratus lumborum...yep...that is what the physical therapist told me yesterday morning.
that is the muscle that has been causing the pain in my hip/side/glute.
the video above gives a bunch of good info on the muscle and some stretches.

but basically that muscle is used to support the trunk.  its not the only muscle, but when the others are tired/fatigued its given more work and can become overloaded.  which is what happened to me....high mileage weekend runs, coupled with speedwork a couple days later.

the muscle connects the illium (hip bone) with the lowest rib.  it is also used when twisting and lifting the legs higher, such as running fast.  so for now...speedwork is out.  he did some ultrasound treatment on the muscle yesterday and massaged it. by the time i left it was feeling TONS better.

i've not run since sunday and i'm going a bit crazy.  the PT said i could run, just take it easy.  he said fast running, where you're picking your knees up higher and using more upper body would not be good until the muscle is healed.

he said to heat/ice it and stretch. the more bloodflow to the area...the faster it will heal.  he also recommended rolling up a towel and placing it just above my hipbone for when i lay on my side...takes the stress off the muscle.  i tried it last night, and really seemed to make a difference. he told me to continue with the aleve for a week, to keep the inflammation down. 

it all seems to be working already, because when i woke up this morning the pain was almost gone.  i'm very excited, and thankful.  i plan on running a few easy miles tmr and then run sat and sunday...but definitely no speedwork, or tempos.  i just need to get some miles in.

i thought about running this morning, but wanted to give myself one more day of rest...i did get up and rode the bike, while rich ran.  felt good to get out and get some exercise.  my diet has gone downhill fast...i need to get that back in check. 

17 more days!  the countdown has begun....

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