Tuesday, January 11, 2011


lots of stuff is swirling around in my head...
lots of random stuff...
so i'm just gonna spill.

*first day back at school after the break.  two classes this semester: organic chemistry & statistics.
both teachers seem awesome, but ask me again in a couple week.  stats is going to be a tough class.

*officially registered for modesto today.  used my birthday money...thanks grandma :)

*training started...and i'm super excited.  love running with my new little group. got my training plan and have been staring at it all day.  lots of dreams and possibilities on that little piece of paper.  it kinda feels like when i get a new pair of shoes  :)

*and had an awesome run this morning. 3 mi warm-up, 4x800, 1 mi cool. ( 3:41, 3;53, 3:53, 3:42).  6 miles to start the day.

*have been trying to think of my "word". 
when i used to scrapbook...i would read this blog...
a few years ago...she talked about picking out a word...a single word.
a word that might have special meaning...one that maybe you aspire too...
one that speaks to you...challenges you...or has possibilities.
last year i chose the word run.
running was something i had grown to love,
but it also was a reminder to run to god.
run to HIM for everything.
when i'm sad,
when i'm happy,
when i'm excited...or lonely...or thankful.
i am a free and changed person because of HIM.
this year...i'm not sure of "my word".
i've been praying that God would put a word on my heart...
so i'm waiting patiently.
well...i'm trying to be patient :)

*trying to clean up my diet...really be strict with my eating.
only giving my body good fuel. hoping to lose maybe 5 pounds before the marathon.

*the hood to coast movie is tonight. getting excited!!

*wishing i was at the beach :)  i miss the sun.

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