Monday, January 17, 2011

the big 40

Wow!  i can't believe i just typed that.
40 years old today.
i don't feel 40 :)
but then again, what does 40 feel like?
i only know that i feel fantastic.
much more alive and part of LIFE,
rather than being on the sidelines,
watching everyone else.

i have lots of hopes & goals for this year.
one of them is to qualify for the boston marathon.
the magic number is 3:50:59
(unless they change it, but that is another story)
that is 8:47 avg per mile for 26.2 miles.
seems kind of out of reach right now.
but i know i can do it.

with 9 weeks until the modesto marathon
i'm excited.
i want to run a good solid race.
i don't want to die at mile 18.
i feel strong.
been running hills &
doing more speedwork than i have ever done before.
been consistantly doing my strength/core work twice a week.
and i'm loving my little training group.
they have welcomed me with open arms
and i'm so thankful to find a group that i've "clicked" with.

recap from last week:
mon: strength/core  1 hr
tues: 6 mi total, w/4x1/2mi (3:41, 3:53,3:53,3:42)
wed: 7 easy...9:23avg pace
thurs: 8 mi w/hills @MP...8:52 avg.
fri: strength/core  1 hr.
sat: easy run 10 miles...9:32 avg
sun: long run w/killer hills  15 miles 9:09 avg pace.

46.43 miles for the week. 

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