Sunday, August 13, 2006


i wanted to say thanks to everyone for
the comments and emails about my grandpa.
i am truely touched.
he will be missed.
i've been working on a collage piece
for the funeral. it will stand on an easel
next to the urn. i spent the other night
with mom and dad looking through pictures.
it was really fun to see my grandpa in his
20's. such a handsome guy. i started
putting together my piece and remembered
that dad had given me, many years ago,
construction plans that he had from my
grandpa. i decided to incorporate those
into the piece. i was telling my dad my ideas
and he said he might have some other things
i could use. he came over tonight and brought
the most precious items. my grandpa's rosary
from his first communion, his birth certificate, and
his signature that was made into a wooden stamp.
so many treasures. after i finish the piece
for the funeral. i told my dad i want to make
a shadow box full of all these little remembrances.

in other news, i finally get to share my piece
that i made for the maya road contest a few months
back. i was so excited and shocked to
make it to the top ten.


Katrina said...

Fabulous layout...totally love the colors, the design, everthing!

Rett said...

thinking of you, Rachelle :-)
What a beautiful idea to make a collage to remember your grandpa.