Thursday, August 03, 2006

happy mail day

got my latest issue of legacy today. to see one of my pages in there. so excited! they have had this page of ryne for over a year, so i've been anxiously waiting. in other news, got two circle journals in the mail, so i tried to hurry to get them sent off again.

the first pages go into Glenni's book about things we collect. I love to collect anything with a history, especially old photos, fabric, just bits and pieces. this photo is of my grandmother working in a candy factory in cleveland in the 30's. and the piece of fabric on the bottom is from an old feedsack, or flour sack. women used the flour sack material to make clothing in the 40's. love the patterns. such cool things to hang on to.

the second group of pages is for Julie's book about dreams. I just really felt like doing a collage page and since i had a dream the other night about numbers i figured it was a perfect topic. maybe i should go play the lottery :)


RACHEL =) said...

WOO-HOO on seeing your layout in Legacy!!! How awesome!! =)

Rett said...

Congrats for the Legacy layout :-)
Love the circle journal pages - beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

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