Friday, August 11, 2006

santa cruz

took the kids to the coast for a few days.
lots of sun and fun.
the weather was beautiful
and the water was cold.
the kids played in the sand
for hours and then we rode
rides on the boardwalk and
ate lots of junk food.
the kids did not want to come
home. drew asked if we could
come back to the beach
next year, and stay for the whole
year. :)

ETA: blogger won't let me upload
pictures thismorning. i'll try again
later on.


RACHEL =) said...

Oh wow, love the pics Rachelle! GOSH, it makes me want to go on vacation, waaaah!
Okay, done crying!
Glad you had a great time!! =)

Katrina said...

Beautiful pictures! My DD just got back from a trip to Santa Cruz...I'm jealous!