Tuesday, April 12, 2005

opening day (night)

Well tonight was our first t-ball game. Ryne and Shannon are both playing this year. Everyone was excited to get to the field tonight. We brought plenty of water in case they worked up a sweat. I had the camera ready to take lots of pictures.
When we arrived there were lots of people and we all gathered around to hear the field assignments and get our team shirts and hats. This year the kids are on the Chiefs and we get to wear purple shirts. Finally, the first pitch was thrown. The games are only 4 innings long, everyone hits per inning. No outs. Our games are on Tuesday nights from 6-7.
Both Ryne and Shannon did really well, and of course were so cute. Ryne hit his first pitch, but forgot where to run, so he turned around and ran to Dad instead. Shan hit her first one off the t and ran to first and then second, and then decided to stay at second. She kept forgetting to run. Everyone was cheering each other on. I got my camera out and was just about ready to take some shots and Drew starts to run onto the field after daddy. He chased after Daddy the whole game, so needless to say, I didn't get many pictures. Drew and I ended up racing each other around, and Ryne and Shan had a great time. It was a great night for t-ball.

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