Saturday, July 23, 2011

up and running...

its been a long road back to running...and i'm just barely back...but i'm running.


on june 1, i started seeing a new PT.  A sports med PT...makes all the difference in the world.  the very first visit she gave me strengthening exercises to do.  i almost cried.  i was so excited to actually be doing something.  after a month of doing nothing at a different PT place, and then the wait for the MRI, the diagnosis, it had been 10 weeks of basically nothing. i felt like i was getting weaker by the day. it became more and more depressing. and i was eating.  eating because i felt sorry for myself and i was sad, and i was stressed, and i was in pain.   but on that first day in june...i got a glimmer of hope back...that i would run again..and she didn't anticipate it taking long.  i was jumping out of my skin in excitement!

That first PT appt, she gave me a sheet of exercises to do...and i did them...and did them.  like in the usual rachelle fashion, i overdid them. i even broke the resistance band she gave me, doing too many "clams"  :)   anywhoo...went back again and she checked on my progress...gave me more exercises and sent me on my way.  i only saw her once a week because our copay was so stinkin' high...but believe me, i was making sure i did everything she told me.  went back to PT on june 24th feeling SO much better than i had been or ever expected to.  she told me to get on the treadmill.  warmed up with a walk, and gradually into a jog.  i'm telling you...huge lump in my throat. i couldn't believe i was running.  it had been 13 weeks since i last ran.  and that one mile jog was so sweet. it felt SO good. it's hard for me to describe it, but it was like being able to breathe again.  freedom.  and it gave me hope that i'd be on the road soon.

on that day, she released me from PT.  told me to keep up the exercises, and start a gradual run/walk program to start building up my miles.   i couldn't wait to get started, but at the same time, there was an apprehension.  i didn't want to make my hip was starting to feel good.  it was still stiff/sore, but not the pain like had been there before.  we were going on vacation for the next week, so i decided to wait on the run/walk until we got back.  i figured i would get enough exercise walking around disney for 3 days  :)

started my run/walk program with 4min run/2min walk for 30 minutes total on july 2nd. i've been on an every other day schedule.  on the off-days, i've been cycling at the gym and doing my exercises.  from the 4min/2min, i progressed to 7min/3min, and then to 13min/2min, then 14min/1min, and finally running for a whole 30 minutes.  i've been running for 30-40 minutes for two weeks now, and everything feels great.  mind you i am no longer able to keep my fast pace, but am cruising at 10:00-10:30's.  i know the speed will come back when i start to run more miles, but i'm just trying to keep things easy for now.  i did try a tiny bit of speed at the end of one of my down to 8:07 pace. excited!

Rich started back running again with me.  it's been so nice to be able to run with him in the mornings. love our time together.

i'm really trying to concentrate on just getting back up to about 40 miles a week...not training for anything.  i don't want to think about pushing myself...yet.  gotta finish healing...and when i'm 100% then i will decide.  but i am so thankful just to be running.

my time away from running has given me alot of perspective.  love how GOD works!!  i love running and am passionate about it, but i love the LORD more and need to make sure HE comes first.  i can't get caught up in the trap of getting my priorities all out of whack!  been there...done that.   i think this was the lesson that GOD wanted me to learn during this season of injury. Always put HIM HIM always.

Many are the plans in a  man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.  Proverbs 19:21

GOD wants us to live beyond ourselves...and that is going to be my focus.

"don't make life all about you!"....heard this the other day...and its been stuck in my brain every since.

so many things i have learned through this season. so many things that i need to work on and grow. my renewed focus has me excited for the future.  can't wait to see what GOD has planned.

i'll leave you with this video of running through GOD's amazing creation...
beautiful country...

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