Tuesday, July 26, 2011

return to running...

love this nike ad!

so here i am...
easing back into the miles..
hip is feeling great. no pain & only occaisional stiffness.

i wrote out a plan to gradually build up my miles.

last week i ran about 14 miles during my four 30minute runs...
my run days are tues, thurs, sat, sun.
i will be riding the bike at the gym for cross-training,
and continue to do my hip/core strengthening exercises 2-3 times a week.

here is the run schedule:

week 1:  4mi, 4mi, 3mi, 5mi = 16mi
week 2:  4mi, 5mi, 3mi, 6mi = 18mi
week 3:  5mi, 5mi, 3mi, 7mi = 20 mi
week 4:  3mi, 3mi, 3mi, 3mi = 12mi  recovery week
week 5:  5mi, 6mi, 3mi, 8mi = 22mi
week 6:  6mi, 6mi, 4mi, 9mi = 25mi
week 7:  6mi, 7mi, 5mi, 10mi = 28mi
week 8:  4mi, 4mi, 4mi, 4mi = 16mi  recovery week
week 9:  7mi, 7mi, 5mi, 12mi = 31mi
week 10: 7mi, 8mi, 5mi, 14mi = 34mi
week 11: 5mi, 5mi, 5mi, 5mi = 20mi  recovery week
week 12: 7mi, 9mi, 6mi, 14mi = 37mi
week 13: 8mi 10mi 6mi, 12mi = 36 mi
week 14: 8mi, 10mi, 6mi, 12mi = 36mi

my goal is to get back in shape, and its probably gonna take awhile.
i'm up for the challenge!


p.s.  i started posting my workouts on dailymile.com.  come join the fun...add me as a friend!

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