Thursday, September 17, 2009

start over again.

yep...that is my intention.

starting over in alot of aspects of my life. like this blog...thought it would be a great idea to keep track of my training for my half marathon in november.
yes..i said half marathon.

never have i been a runner, but about 5 months ago i began a journey.

a journey to be the best person that God made me to be, and that meant losing the 65 pounds that i had added over the past ten years. started weight watchers at the end of april and have been going strong since. i am down 42 pounds total. i now weigh 163 pounds. but along my journey of exercise and eating better i became a runner. it didn't start out like that though. i started on the treadmill, and could barely walk a mile. but little by little, i started to run, and soon i was running a mile. then two. and now i am up to ten. and run about 25 miles a week.

i have 51 days of training left and i thought it would be fun to document that journey.

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Chris and Lisa said...

Love that your finally going to use your blog again. I'm so impressed and proud of you for all the changes you are making in your life. You are an inspiration to me and I am so happy that you have taken the time to recharge your own battery and dedicate some time to improving yourself. Love ya sis!