Saturday, September 19, 2009

10 mi run that was really 9

went out for a ten mile run this morning. my buddy, portia, went along with me on her bike. she's the best. came to cheer me on and keep me company. the trail was busy this morning with lots of friendly faces. at one point we look up and see hot air balloons. i forgot the hot air ballonfest was this weekend in clovis. so great to run on the trail with balloons all around. on our way back, one of the balloons had landed in a mini storage facility and one was getting ready to land and bumped into a tree. so funny. i felt great the whole run and even had a little at the end for a little kick. i felt i was making good time, but couldn't really tell because i didn't have mileage markers. my goal was to make it under 2:03:00. a month ago i ran 10 miles and that was my time. so if i could beat that ...i would be happy. i made it home in 1:38:34. so i was stoked. i mapped the run and it turned out only to be a little over 9 miles...not the ten i thought. oh well...i have another ten miler next weekend. but i felt great. loaded up on jellybelly energy beans about half-way through the run and chewed my gum, so i was set.all in all ... a good run. can't wait for next weeks.

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Chris and Lisa said...

that's awesome. I'm sure it was nice to see the balloons above. I wish I had known because we would have totally come to town. Goodluck on next weeks run. I can't believe how awesome you are doing. I can't imagine running for two hours :)!