Monday, June 04, 2007

so here it first project for lazar. we had to come up with something using their awesome digital products and a manila folder. i think i went through a whole pack of manila folders trying to get the pattern right :) really like how it turned out. has all of my favorite elements. the old photos, some paint, ink and some stitching. be sure to check out the rest of the girls' projects here. they seriously are cool!
shannon is feeling better after a little bit of rest. we took the kids to see shrek the third this weekend. so funny. and i laughed even more when drew kept asking, " is it over yet?" and i had no idea that popcorn costs about $10 a bucket. when did that happen?? :)
i will be baking banana bread all day. the last day of school is tomorrow and i always make bread for all the teachers :) gotta go warm up the oven.

happy monday!!


Brigitte said...

Really awesome Rachelle!
Such a creative take on the basic 'manila folder'.
You ran with this challenge and made it into something so beautiful ... + inspiring!
Well done!

Have fun baking today - : )

lisa said...

gives me the love to get through the day to see the wonderful things you are inspired to do:)
the girls are so excited to spend time with you this summer

RACHEL =) said...

You are SO creative, girl!!! LOVE this so much!!!! :)

april said...

Wow! What a great altered item! You are so creative