Thursday, November 30, 2006

this past weekend i tried to take pictures of the kids to be included with the xmas cards this year. let me tell you... it is so hard to get a good picture 3 crazy kids. always laughing and giggling and doing the CHEESE smile. :) i finally knew it was the end of the session when i got that last one with the boys looking so jolly. LOL.
you'll have to wait til you get your xmas card to see the one i chose.

yesterday was an exciting day for me! i made the design team at One Page At a Time. Yay!! i am so thrilled to have made this team. Capella and Toni put together the most fun and funky kits. love them! I also got an email asking for two layouts for Memory Makers Magazine. So stoked!!!!

I've also been gathering up all my goodies to use in my christmas journal. getting so excited, and i really can't believe its almost December. :)

Manifesto: Noun. A declaration of one's intentions.

Starting December first, I will keep a Christmas journal. In it, I will write something every
day to reflect on the holidays of my past, enjoy the holidays of the present and dream
about the holidays of my future. To some, this will be a stack of papers and trivial
scribbles, but not to me. I am taking back my Christmas, I am letting it be something I
relish and, most importantly, I am giving at least fifteen minutes every day to myself no
matter how crazy this season becomes. I hope you will share, encourage and understand
as I make something with my own hands, my own words and my own memories.

I may post some or all of my entries here. Other artists are doing this with me, and you
can see their work here.
Above all: enjoy the season. I will.

ohh..and happy anniversary to us :)


erika said...

awww...gosh...what goodness.
happy anniversary....
congrats on the scrap happiness...
and love the pics...
i just posted outtakes from our past christmas cards.....too funny.
got to love how many photos it takes w/ 3kidlets to get ONE decent photo.

Katrina said...

HUGE Congrats!!! I'm drooling over the One Page at a Time team news...that is going to ROCK for you!! And, of course, a biased congrats for Memory Makers :)

Oh! Did I mention? I'll be in Fresno at the end of January. Wanna meet for coffee??

Vee said...

beautiful lo
love the colors!