Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's been like a zoo here lately. I'm always hearing animals roaring, monkeys screetching, and a hum of people talking. Ryne bought the game zoo tycoon a couple weeks ago and that is what they want to play all the time now. The game is great, you have to construct your own zoo. First you designing the cages, then pick the animals, and you can choose dinosaurs too. Really cool! Don't forget to add scientists to take care of the animals. The ultimate goal of the game is to try to make money and become a zoo tycoon. The first few days were spent building these elaborate zoos, with restaurants, and ferris wheels and lots of animals. Fast forward to yesterday....i'm in the kitchen making dinner and i hear the computer, but the animals are really roaring and people are screaming. I walk in the playroom to find Ryne and Drew on the computer laughing hysterically. They built a zoo that had a T-Rex and a yetti (abominable snowmonster) and they were feeding the guests to them. They were picking up the people and putting them inside the cage to be eaten by the animals. I didn't know whether to laugh or not. Rich walks in the door from work and he sees what is going on, and i quietly say to him, "do u see what they are doing?' he replies, "yeah, i showed them that!"

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katie said...

Cute layouts!! If you get a chance you should upload some layouts on my site Hope to see ya there!