Saturday, September 03, 2005

please give.

I've been wanting to post the last few days, but just have not been able to put my feelings into words. I am in complete shock over the events in the south. please pray & give.

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lisagrider said...

This is a poem that one of our staff wrote. It was on the powerpoint at our schoolwide meeting on Friday 9/2. FAS has been collecting $ for a week and has already raised our $450. The words are amazing.

Kisses Lisa

We wake up each morning and start our day.
They wake up and hope for another day.
Stop at the store for food I will pay,
And they’d go hungry for another day
I paid for a bottle of water to drink today,
They haven’t eaten or drunk in three days.
I kissed my kids and put them to bed.
And tonight they will wonder where to lay their heads.
We said our prayers because we see the pain,
Katrina caused them during the Hurricane.
Here is your opportunity to bless those in need
With a small donation we plant the seed

Hope for a bright future starts here at
With your donation we can reach the rest.