Saturday, September 03, 2005

it's only nature.

We have been growing tomatoes and melons in our garden. Everything has been growing great and we have been getting lots of cherry tomatoes and were just starting to see some little watermelons. It has really been a fun experience for the kids to water the plants everyday. This past week the gardeners decided to come and clear out our whole patch of garden with the Crenshaw melons and watermelons. They completely wiped it out. Cut down all the vines. I guess they didn't realize they were fruits. :( The kids were completely devastated. They were crying and didn't understand why this had happened. So, the next day, we go outside to water the only thing left in our garden, the tomato plants. And we find half our plant eaten by these creepy worm looking caterpillers. EWWWW. But of course Ryne thought they were great. He wanted to keep the five that we found as pets, as well as the hatching larva. So we have just let the hornworms take over the cherry tomato plant to see what will happen. Ryne kept asking me why I was making funny faces and had goosebumps all over. I replied that the worms creep me out. His reply, " It's only nature mom."

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Pheonix said...

Bring the kids by we have a jungle for a garden and some melons too, since we don't have a gardener the risk of devistation is quite low. :-)