Friday, August 10, 2007

santa cruz

hi everyone!
we're back from vacation.
had a great time.
been busy getting
the kids ready for school.
been enjoying the last
few weeks of summer.
hope you are too!!

posted more pix from the
trip here.


tams said...

OH! Just found your blog and love all of the images you post! This pic is great.

RachelDenbow said...

Thanks so much for the goodies last night!!! I went throught them when we got home and they are soooo fun. I've always been a fan of those huge alpha sheets so those were an extra thrill, as well as the Amy Butler fabric. Gosh! I love it all.

kerry lynn said...

what a beautiful photo! i adore sc, isn't it just the most lovely place?

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog from the Sly blog. It was so fun to look around and read all about your adventures, travels, and scrapbooking. Hope to hear from you soon....
april keenan seely

Kirsten Waidmann said...

come on rachelle... we are all DYING for something new... any day now.. jk :D hope to meet you someday! :D Lisa says great things about you! hope things are going well! <3 kirsten

Loretta Grayson said...

hi Rachelle :-)

if you get this message, check your twopeas messages! (can't find your email address anywhere)


Lu said...

i really really like this shot a lot.

Chris and Lisa said...

ummmm - still waiting for you to post pictures of all the stuff you have been working on - come on - bust out that camera already!!!