Monday, May 07, 2007

so... this past saturday was National Scrapbooking DAy. I was so excited
to spend the day scrapbooking with shannon :) But i also popped in over
at 2p's in a bucket to check out all the festitivities. I was so excited because
emily falconbridge contacted me a couple weeks ago and asked if they could
highlight my gallery. i was extremely honored. so when i actually saw my
page with all the other talented girls...i was speechless. such amazing work
and for me to be a part of that...i was beyond excited. then to read the sweet
words that emily had written about my! i was in tears. thank you
so much emily for those kind words :) here's the page if you want to peek:
NSD User Gallery and in other scrappy news...april was a big month for me. i had three of my pages published. the one above was in Somerset memories (formally legacy). gotta love mom in her
communion dress. circa 1954. the other was a page in Scrapbook trends and then i had
a card published in Cards Magazine. so very excited.

in other news....i know i haven't updated in a really long time...and i'm sorry.
things have been outrageously busy. seems like everyone has something
going on, and we are trying to get the backyard finished so we can finally
enjoy our backyard. the waterfall was finished this weekend, and next weekend
the plants and trees will be arriving. :) can't wait until its finished.

the school year is almost finished and i for one, can't wait. this has been a really
long year for some reason. :P ryne finished his STAR testing, which is the state testing
here in CA, and he did great. well, i actually dont have the results yet...but he said he had
a great time, and that it was easy. he made a few new friends and enjoyed himself.
he also has decided that he would like to try public school. which is great and scary for ME all at the same time. i'm glad he wants to go our public school, but unsure if they will be able to
accommodate him. Rich and I will be making an appointment with the principal to
discuss all this, and hopefully we will be able to get a better feel for what it will be like.
we've been having lots of friends over to play and drew started t-ball a few weeks ago. he is loving it and i think Rich is too. :)this was drew's expression after hitting his first ball. SO excited :)
and here they are in the outfield...ready to catch the ball.
gotta run...promise to update more.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! my gosh I can't believe how big Drew is and playing t-ball!! What a cutie.

Thanks for sharing,