Tuesday, July 04, 2006


it is so hard to put so many feelings into words. where do i start? in a few days we will be seeing dr. glidden. he is a neuropsychologist and is an expert on the brain. you are a super-special kid, and very different from most. you have certain strengths and weaknesses, and this dr is going to help us find out what those are. when certain strengths are found with certain weaknesses, the dr.'s give it a name. but i want you to know it is only a name. it's not you. you are an individual, you are YOU. the dr. is going to give us ideas on how we can best help you to grow up to be a happy, healthy, successful man. to become who you are; to use your strengths to the fullest. this visit is the culmination of about five years of study, research, and pushing our way through the medical establishment. all to get you what you need and deserve. i am filled with so much emotion. happiness, love, nervousness, and anticipation. this is really just the beginning. love you. july 2006


RACHEL =) said...

WOW Rachelle, such great, honest, caring, sweet journaling!! And FABULOUS page, I love it!!! =)

erika said...

this is amazing...
and it get's me all choked up.
so true.
cole just had his test wednesday...
let's fill each other in soon.