Saturday, June 10, 2006

we have a pool & new art

Well yesterday they came with a huge 80 ft crane to
lift our pool over the house and into the hole in the
backyard. i was speechless to say the least. The kids
were so excited, especially Drew.

School ended last week for the kids, so we have been
playing this week. Lots of trips to the park, daisy scout
meeting, and just general laziness going on.

i have been making some art. working on scrapbooking
more this summer. i've been trying to make a page a day,
and so far have kept to it for the month of june.


erika said...

ummm...general laziness :)
that pretty much sums up my plans for this week! HA!
a page a day is awesome...
as is the POOL! YAY!!!!

Rett said...

So good that you're getting time to scrap :-) Love the layouts - the photo in the push me high one is magical!

Great to see that your pool has arrived!!