Sunday, March 26, 2006

21 day challenge

Last night i popped over to this blog and found out she is starting this 21 day challenge. I was so excited to see this, because i missed it the first time around. This is what i need right now! The whole idea is that it takes 21 days to create or break a habit. So i want to try my whole weight watchers thing and really stick to it this time. This way i will have an artistic outlet to journal about my ups and downs and use it as a motivational tool. I'm getting so excited about this. i worked on my book last night.

I've been wanting to just use an old book for an art journal, so i found this old childrens reader that i am going to make my own. i decorated the cover. it reads, "for me, for them, for us" . the meaning behind it is that sticking to my ww and losing the weight is definately for me, but also for Rich and the kids. I will be healthier and ultimately feel better. it is for US!! i'm feeling very motivated and excited to get started.

Last week I was so excited because a friend of mine from 2p's told me that 2 of my scrapbook pages were featured here. i was so out of this world shocked and honored. These gals that put on "the dares" are so amazingly talented, and they are so inspiring.

This week is gonna be busy. Lots of stuff going on, but I'm gonna check in tomorrow so you can peak at my page one of my journal. leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. :)

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Sylvie said...

Love your cover....very soft and sweet.....the little kids remind of the illustrations in my parents old school it:)