Wednesday, February 01, 2006

veggie oil, HOF, and bacteria.

*Big things are happening at the MacIver household. We have officially gone veggie. Yep, you're seeing correctly, that is Rich filling up the Suburban with veggie oil. It was a very exciting moment after months of planning, experimenting, filtering, and collecting. Yeah!!
*So excited... i sent off my Hall of Fame entry this week. I have 42 days to dream that I have a chance at winning this thing. A girl can hope right. :)
*Last week I found out that i'm gonna be published again. Scrapbook Trends wants to publish one of my layouts i did of my sweet nephew, Grant.
*Finally got my copy of CorrespondenceART in the mail and guess who has a page in there? This is my first page in print. So excited to see it. If you want to peak at it...go to my gallery and its the pumpkin patch layout.
*Trying to stick my foot in the door of this whole scrapbook design industry. I don't want to say to much... might jinx myself...but i took a chance this week and hoping it pays off.
* Rich and I have been talking alot about getting healthier; eating healthier and exercising more. So we started this past week. i am 5.6lbs. lighter. Yeah for me!!!!! We got all the kids rollerblades so we can go out as a family and skate and play rollerhockey. Ryne and Shannon have been zooming around everywhere on them. they get up in the morning and put them on first thing. It's been really cool to do school with the kids skating around the couch. Nothing like a little movement to help the brain. :)
*speaking of school.....yesterday was our last day of the semester. Ryne has really done great this semester. Tons of improvement and is still super excited to learn. His favorite subjects are history and science. Lately he has been working on a bacteria experiment. He decided to take samples of various things around the house and grow bacteria cultures. so far the cultures of the toilet seat, and the bottom of mom's shoe have grown best. Eeewwww.

So that is what is going on in my little world. Leave me a comment and say hi!!!

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Anonymous said...

AAGgghhhh...thanks for the update. You have so many exciting things happening and this is the best way for me to know:)
otherwise i just have to guess at what insanity exists at the MacIver house. Sending you my best of luck with all of your scrapbook and art goals---you are the most creative person I know and probably the most deserving as well. we had such an awesome time at the snow with you guys. love and kisses to you all
the Grider's